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These are unprecedented times, filled with opportunities and challenges. Each of us wants to create a better future, but how? Every Sunday, the HSD community explores pathways to resilience—for individuals and organizations. These weekly conversations include learning, reflection, and dialogue across our global network. We explore patterns of systemic change that emerge in turbulence and uncertainty.
Gouran Dhawan Lal explores the basics of HSD in an interview with Glenda Eoyang.
Build Adaptive Capacity
Gouran Dhawan Lal inquires about inquiry in an interview with Glenda Eoyang.
Manage Strategic Change
Griff Griffiths hosts this keynote session for ODN Europe 2018, and Dr. Glenda Eoyang addresses the anxiety of working in today's challenging terrain by exploring some of the underpinning ideas of Human Systems Dynamics.
Manage Strategic Change
In times of rapid change, one point of view is never enough. Adaptive Action helps you see a challenge in many ways and pick the explanation and action that is most fit for function.
Business & IndustryBuild Adaptive Capacity
In this interview, Jen Berg, HSD Associate, responds to four questions: How did you discover HSD? What HSD tool has made the biggest impact? What is a good example of how you used HSD? How has HSD made a difference in your professional life? Learn more about Jen Berg at
Gouran Dhawan Lal asks Glenda Eoyang to explain the HSD Network of Professionals.
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