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Adaptive Action is the simple, iterative, inquiry process at the center of human systems dynamics.
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In 1998, Thomas Berkas and Glenda Eoyang were working with the Search Institute evaluating community-based programs for youth development. We knew that both communities and youth were too complex to be captured by traditional evaluation methods. We also knew that the emerging field of complexity science might hold a key to a more effective and responsive monitoring and evaluation system.
Manage Strategic Change
This brief paper describes the basic principles of CDE and demonstrates in examples how they inform meaning making and action.
Business & IndustryLead in Complexity
Computer simulation models are great tools to see patterns and possibilities in complex systems. Current modeling approaches fall short of reality, because they make assumptions that limit the uncertainty that is the hallmark of human systems at all scales.
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The HSD theory of change is based on the accumulation and release of tension in complex systems. Tension is held in the conditions (container, difference, exchange) that shape the systems patterns.
Glenda Eoyang received her doctorate in human systems dynamics from The Union Institute and University in 2001. Her research explored questions about the conditions that made some human systems organize quickly and as expected, while others took a long time to end up in unpleasant or unproductive patterns.
HSD draws from a range of disciplines and methodologies that explore nonlinear dynamics in the physical and social sciences. This article explores the diverse roots of the work and connects the threads of HSD theory and practice with its history and intellectual sources.
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