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Build Adaptive Capacity
Learner, teaches teacher. “Teach and learn in every interaction.” Recently I finished up with two executive coaching clients that I’ve had for a year. Their organization was shifting their culture, and they needed their leaders to do the same. We started off with a good plan, and the coaching went pretty well. Both made great strides and see where they still have to grow. They are grounded in their values, identified and lived into who they want to be and hopefully shifted the culture by their example.
Build Adaptive Capacity
I just turned off the television in the middle of a news program. I just couldn’t watch any longer this morning. A panel of “experts” was exploring differences between and among groups who cannot—or will not—work together.
Build Adaptive Capacity
I was recently thinking about Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, particularly the lines: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you”
Business & IndustryCollaborate to Create Community
Diversity is everywhere. Yet, in our organizations we sometimes say we want diversity, while we fail to set conditions for it.
Teaching & LearningManage Strategic Change
Our strategic challenge is always to be transparent with ourselves and our customers. What service do we deliver to help people resolve issues? How do we prepare them to move forward? What is the benefit our clients see? Why do they choose to build long-term relationships with us?
Teaching & LearningBuild Adaptive Capacity
Going beyond the surface of a story allows us to see more deeply into our shared humanity. The complexity of who we as individuals is greater than the ideas that threaten to divide us, HSD offers models and methods that  can help us step past the intractable polarity in today’s questions to find shared action.
Health CareBuild Adaptive Capacity
The practice of human systems dynamics has, at its heart, the iterative problem-solving model called Adaptive Action. Applying other HSD models and methods to answer the “What?, So what?, Now what?” questions of healthcare practice have a huge, and currently unmet, potential to improve healthcare services.
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