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Build Adaptive Capacity
People everywhere thrive because we see patterns clearly, seek to understand, and act with courage to transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility for all.
Patterns have certainly been shifting in the USA! We have stepped from American Carnage to science-based public health policies and borders equally open to people of all faiths. Or have we? We cannot forget that there was armed insurrection in our nation’s capitol and that nearly fifty percent of the American voters didn’t get the president they wanted.  Those patterns are less evident today, but they persist. Our challenge now is to engage with those who are willing and able to engage and to actively defend ourselves from the rest.
This is Thanksgiving week in the US. The holiday has many histories. For most it is a time of family connection, for others is it an extraordinary shopping opportunity or a colonial assault. This year, Thanksgiving is special to us. Fires, storms, hunger, racial violence, political upheaval, illness, homelessness, and grief wrap the world in a blanket of mourning. Still, many of us have health and home. Healthy babies were born (Welcome to the world, John David!). Some of us even got a stock market bonus this week. One gift of 2020 is that it has helped us see the raging inequities in our society. So, for those of us who are able, I invite us into a thanksGIVING this weekend.
Health CareBuild Adaptive Capacity
Improving quality treatment and patient experience depends on the access they have to excellent care and the flow they experience moving through the medical system. HSD helps this team improve both.
Build Adaptive Capacity
You have questions about living in a world of COVID—and there are no real answers. HSD offers questions to explore the unknowns that challenge us.
In the world of human systems dynamics, understanding is important, but it is not enough. We strive to see patterns clearly and to understand them. The ultimate goal, however, is to transform current patterns into possibilities for the future. In times like these, the journey from seeing to acting is not easy. My last two posts have told the story of my journey as I strive to transform the turbulence and uncertainty I see in US politics toward something more sustainable and equitable. As we approach Election Day, it is time for the NOW WHAT?
Build Adaptive Capacity
Since my last post, things in the US have only gotten worse. Militias in Michigan, COVID in the Whitehouse, wildfires in the West, hurricanes in the South, and dark money in the courts. In spite of all these patterns of destruction, I am beginning to see a different and more constructive path for myself and my community. I have acknowledged the turbulent patterns I cannot change. Now I can search for more useful patterns that are mine to influence. This journey from painful realization to dawning opportunity has not been easy, and it is far from complete. At this turn in the road, though, I want to share some of my emerging insights about our shared, emergent future.
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