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In the book, Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization, “sticky issues” serve as an appropriate metaphor for places where we are stuck - for the persistent patterns of behavior that stick around, and for the slowing down of actions that can help move a “project” forward.
Can we say anything new about innovation? That was one comment in our most recent survey. Maybe there’s nothing new to be said, but there better be something new to be done.
WHAT? This past year, I was invited to work with a group of women to see what we could do to develop training to implement U. N. Security Councils Initiative U.N.S.C.R. 1325. The Initiative's stated purpose to train women leaders in concepts of peace negotiations, peace building activities, and conflict prevention.
The silence is not deafening, but it is pretty hard to hear. The Ethics Survey we hosted this week got only 7% of the responses we received to the Leadership Survey last week. I have some ideas about why that is true, so I’d like to talk about the silence as well as the signal.
This morning, the first news I heard was about a meteor crashing into earth's atmosphere in Russia. I saw this event mentioned on twitter, along with links to video capturing a variety of perspectives of a fireball streaking across the sky. Naturally, I wanted to see what the locals saw, so I began looking at those links.
It’s February and love is in the air! At least the word’s out there, in myriad forms, interpretations, implications, and intimations.
We have three retired racing greyhounds. Fionn is now the senior dog in the pack, having survived three years with our first grey, Zoe, and now enjoying some respect as the top dog. Zoe ruled with an iron paw, keeping Fionn from the food and comfy furniture even when she herself wasn’t interested. We were sure she did differential equations in her head while she waited for us to do her bidding.
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