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This pandemic is racking our bodies, but it is also blowing our minds. A teenager in Soweto, the British Prime Minister, and my next-door-neighbor experience the same thing. Hospitals spread sickness. People die alone. Worship and grocery shopping are death defying acts. Institutions that protect us are putting us at risk. News anchors and political candidates work from their basements. Spring does not bring Seder, the baseball opener, or graduation. How are we supposed to make sense of these extraordinary times?
Build Adaptive Capacity
What do people mean when they talk about resilience? In this blog post, Royce offers both a definition and some practical applications for building resilience in the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 crisis. Learn to leverage your connections to create a more resilient world.
Manage Strategic Change
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard
Manage Strategic Change
“Oftentimes, the most important decisions are the most difficult to make - for, your future, and the future of the generations that come after you, hinges on the outcome of those decisions.” ― J.E.B. Spredemann, Englisch on Purpose
Collaborate to Create Community
The role of the facilitator has changed significantly in the last few years. Today’s patterns of engagement, teaching and learning, problem solving, and forecasting require us to learn to facilitate or help to facilitate conversations. Whether you are a leader or a participant, read on to learn how Adaptive Action becomes a facilitator’s best tool to work with complex human systems.
Build Adaptive Capacity
The first rule for getting unstuck is, “Don’t tell yourself not to panic!” It is a waste of time because you’re going to panic anyway. Besides, sometimes a little panic can be a very useful thing. When that is behind you, go to Step 1.
Plan in Uncertainty
One of my clients has discovered that great leaders have multiple personalities. They manage budgets and smooth feathers. They tell today’s stories and feed tomorrow’s visions. They plan and execute; reinforce and correct; encourage and challenge; create stability and manage change; hire and fire; and in their spare time, they do everything in between.
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