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Manage Strategic Change
In HSD we believe that the tension in a system is what drives its decision making and action taking. For instance, individuals take action to relieve or shift tension as it builds in response to events around them. Harsh feedback creates tension as an individual balances that against a personal desire to perform well.
Teaching & Learning
invest many hours and hopes in online communication.  My guess is that you do, too.  Virtual connections open any-time and any-where networks for thinking and action.  They create opportunities for creative engagement with people around the world.
Exploring emergent ideas with a colleague today, I asked for feedback about my perspective. She thought a moment and then said, “It’s not for me to tell you an answer, but I can tell you what I see and what that means to me. Then we can figure out what our next question will be.”
The HSD Institute thrives because of our long-term relationships with clients.  Learners come back and continue to build knowledge and skills.  Long-time organizational partners invite us into new and ever more interesting projects because they see success in the past, and they expect overwhelming challenges in the future.
For years, people have talked about breaking down silos to create different types of connections across systems. The hope is that this will solve some of our most wicked issues.
Build Adaptive Capacity
The ice finally went out on the lake yesterday. After a blizzard last week and too many months of too-cold-to-stand, we are finally into spring—maybe. A loon this morning, the great blue heron all week, the squirrels, and wood ducks are all moving into a new season, and I’m ready to go with them. They play and forage, explore and discover, rest and run.
Build Adaptive Capacity
Glenda H. Eoyang is founding executive director of the Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) Institute. Since 1986 she has pioneered applications of chaos and complexity to improve people's adaptive capacity.
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