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Lead in Complexity
The statistics are shocking. Even good employees are dissatisfied and disengaged.  Organizations of all sizes and sectors recognize the problem.  The real problem, though, is that they don’t know what to do about it.  Surveys, rewards and recognition programs, gap analysis, and strategic plans uncover the deep discontent, but in most cases they do little to shift the pattern.  What will work?
Teaching & Learning
The other day I received an email about “exciting ways” for trainers to engage their learners. It was brightly colored with pictures of happy faces. As I glanced down the tips that were offered, I didn’t really see anything that was particularly new.
Build Adaptive Capacity
2013 was a productive and satisfying year for the staff and Network of the HSD Institute.  We hope the same is true for you, and we thank you for your Adaptive Actions that continue to drive energy and insight into the complex dynamics of learning, work, and play. 
Our thanks to Anne Lemaire, an HSD Associate living in Brussels, for this French description of Adaptive Action. Le Planning d’Action Adaptative est une methode de plannification itérative qui comprend trois questions: Action Adaptive Planning is an iterative method of planning which includes three questions: Le Planning d’Action Adaptative est une methode de plannifi cation itérative qui comprend trois questions:
Build Adaptive Capacity
We talk about being free in the US, but are we really free?  Do you feel free?  Do you see freedom exhibited among our most powerful and privileged?  Do you think our ultra-partisan legislators are free?  Do you think our addicted and self-indulgent sports heroes are free? When a Gallup poll tells us that almost 50% of people in the US are not engaged in their jobs, are we free?
Plan in Uncertainty
These last 10 days, I have been struggling with a decision: Should I accept a job offer in Vietnam to teach at a university in Saigon, with good benefits, decent pay, and some relocation support? Or should I remain on the entrepreneurial path and trust to create the work that is emerging for me (partially based on my PhD research-in-progress) on embodiment and change processes, even though the pathway from "here" to revenue appears tentative at this moment?
Build Adaptive Capacity
Can three questions really change the world? Well, maybe. Let's think about it for a minute. One thing we know about schools is that nothing stays the same for long.  Each year brings the latest "best practice." Each week brings a new procedure and its paperwork. Each day, our students pose new challenges. Each hour, the media bombards us with news about the latest crisis. What might possibly help us keep our balance as the world shifts beneath us?
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