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Build Adaptive Capacity
At the HSD Community Commons meeting last week, Glenda talked about future changes to the HSD network around the world. We see the community evolving beyond the bounds of the Institute to reflect the generative actions of many people in many places working toward a shared vision. Pattern Logic, the HSD Vision, and the HSD Simple Rules will set the conditions for patterns that emerge across the field.
Build Adaptive Capacity
In HSD we understand that an individual—or group—narrative shapes the patterns of choices, actions, and decisions of the holder of that narrative. For example, the HSD vision is a statement of the narrative that guides our work today and as we move into an uncertain future. When we make decisions about our work, we use that vision to inform our thinking.
In today’s blog, Royce shares a brief memoir she recently wrote, along with a poem that was inspired as she reflected on that story this week, on Memorial Day here in the USA.
The “attractor” is not the thing that “attracts”. It is the pattern of relationships that emerge over time in a complex system. When I first encountered attractors—strange and other kinds—I thought they were cool. Even more than that, I thought they were the key to the next generation of change paradigms. I still think that may be true, but I seldom talk about them anymore. I almost never teach them because it is so hard to understand them well and very easy to understand them badly. The only reason I am talking about them now is that I cannot think of a better way to explain what I see in this emerging present. So, here goes.
Inquiry. It is essential to changing the world—for yourself and for the greater good!
Build Adaptive Capacity
Any new paradigm challenges fundamental assumptions and beliefs. Old habits make it difficult to step across the line into new ways to think and act. For 20 years, the HSD community has built bridges from the closed-system paradigms of the past to the open-system opportunities of the future. We have tried our best to be gentle, patient, and subtle in our invitations, but time is running out! The challenges are urgent, and we are impatient! So, we are engaging in two initiatives to break through into the future: Dragons of Complexity and Adaptive Action for Sustainability!
Build Adaptive Capacity
This is the third in a series of blog posts that follows up on Margaret Mead’s famous statement, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”   In Week 1, we talked about ways people come together in an emergent process to work toward a shared goal. (HSD tool: Complex Adaptive Systems) In Week 2, we talked about competing forces that decision makers must balance as they move toward shared action. (HSD tool: Interdependent Pairs)
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