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Why does change seem so hard? Maybe the reason is simple: While the change pathway or plan can be fairly simple, the actual path of each change is unique.
Build Adaptive Capacity
There is no one HSD model that fits any given question or issue. Choosing the most helpful tool depends on the context of the situation, the people involved, and the choice of the person who is looking for help. In today’s blog post, Royce explores this idea applying four HSD models to each of the practices of Inquiry.
Manage Strategic Change
I was meeting with an executive team last week and realized they felt overwhelmed by an impending culture change effort. They had tired it before, with few results, and none of them was eager to dive in again. On the other hand, culture change was exactly what they needed. The pandemic disrupted supply chains and customer expectations. The “great resignation” is challenging their assumptions about recruitment and retention. Personnel exhibit symptoms of trauma and persistent stress. Board members see signs of discord and dissatisfaction. Productivity, customer satisfaction, employee experience and engagement are all suffering. At the same time, their global market expects innovation and agility.
Build Adaptive Capacity
A couple of years ago, the HSD Institute engaged in a months-long process of strategic futuring. We took a long-range exploration of trends and possibilities in a number of areas. Through a process of data collection, analysis, and scenario planning, we identified possible opportunities in response to our initial question: “What will be the role of human systems dynamics in the year 2051?”
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