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Build Adaptive Capacity
In HSD, we think about resilience as “capacity to adapt and maintain system functioning in the face of the uncertainty and turbulence of complex change.” In this blog post, Royce explores three important lessons we’ve learned in talking with people about their need for and experiences with resilience in recent times.
Build Adaptive Capacity
HSD Associate, Leslie Patterson writes about responding to the complex challenges in life in the same way people deal with chronic illness. She sees this as a roadmap for building resilience at all scales. Her story in a powerful lesson in learning from life.
Build Adaptive Capacity
The HSD Vision is an aspirational description of future patterns where people use HSD to see, understand, and influence the world around them. Royce Holladay, HSD Institute Director of Services, explains who the “we” refers to in the vision statement. She describes how it takes each of us to set conditions for this pattern’s ultimate manifestation in reality. 
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