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Build Adaptive Capacity
As I watered my plants today, I marveled again at their regenerative power. All they need is dirt, water, and sun, and they get bigger and healthier over time. Some of them don’t even need dirt, but that is a different story. Even the orchid, who holds back for months, surprises with blossoms when I least expect it.
Build Adaptive Capacity
“Nothing is Intractable.” That’s the tagline on the HSD website. It’s the footer in our stationery. It’s on the first slide of every PowerPoint deck we create. We believe it’s true. And we continue to get questions about how that’s possible when life is so complex.  
Teaching & LearningBuild Adaptive Capacity
Think of the last time you created a new tool that worked in a surprising and gratifying way. Or think of your most recent “Eureka!” moment as you resolved a thorny issue. Did you think, “I should share this with colleagues!”? And then, when you made time to sit down to write about it, did the words refuse to come?  If you are like either one of us, it’s not just that words wouldn’t come! You couldn’t figure out how to start, what needed to be said as your core message, or how to bring it to a close!
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