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Teaching & LearningBuild Adaptive Capacity
Going beyond the surface of a story allows us to see more deeply into our shared humanity. The complexity of who we as individuals is greater than the ideas that threaten to divide us, HSD offers models and methods that can help us step past the intractable polarity in today’s questions to find shared action.
Health CareBuild Adaptive Capacity
The practice of human systems dynamics has, at its heart, the iterative problem-solving model called Adaptive Action . Applying other HSD models and methods to answer the “What?, So what?, Now what?” questions of healthcare practice have a huge, and currently unmet, potential to improve healthcare services.
Health CareBuild Adaptive Capacity
When I was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer that has an average survival rate of 18 months, I found myself thinking often of the training I had done a few years before that with the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.
Health CarePlan in Uncertainty
In the 24/7, changing and complex world of healthcare, the only thing that remains static is the ironic certainty of constant change.
Business & IndustryBuild Adaptive Capacity
. . . Or what I learned about my role in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives from a baby
Business & IndustryCollaborate to Create Community
In this post, I share my perspectives about the value and potential for diversity and inclusion work, supplemented by current voices and events that inspire me. I have borrowed the title “The Truth about Diversity and Inclusion” from Joe Gerstandt’s fine essay , and added some thoughts about the meaning I am making of it and how that can inform next steps. This is an introduction to an Adaptive Action Lab coming up later this summer.
Business & IndustryPlan in Uncertainty
We all know how to plan, right? You figure out what you want to do. You map out the steps to get it done. You take those steps. You check to be sure you are finished. Easy! Except in the complexity of real life, you can’t always just march through those steps. Sometimes in the midst of planning you find barriers you never expected. Or you find that you are out of sync with those around you. Or you find that you have a bright and shiny new multi-phased strategic plan that never got implemented. Or you find that the plan you devise has too many gaps or questions left unanswered. It’s frustrating and defeating, and it might make you wonder why you should try to plan at all!
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