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November 1, 2018 There are areas of life where you feel hemmed in by boundaries: this neighborhood, this family, this community, this job. Life is shaped by the containers that define you—or did at one time. These containers provide safety, and yet, part of you wants to break free. How can you maintain the safety of the familiar, as you explore freedom of the unknown? HSD offers practices for balancing freedom and safety so you can choose.
I want to share some new thoughts on the Generative Engagement model . In collaboration with Jennifer Jones-Patulli, we have recently explored the use of this model in detail in two types of Adaptive Action Labs – one focused on dealing with conflict , and another focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion . In both cases, we use Generative Engagement as a model and method to explore tensions that emerge when people interact. In this post, I will share content from the second adaptive action lab plus a timely application next week where your feedback is welcome!
Build Adaptive Capacity
What? Recently I worked with a group of organizational leaders who bring disparate groups together to collaborate on political and social issues. One of the challenges they face is helping their client groups define how they will make decisions together, ensuring adequate representation of their individual constituencies. Among this group, their largest question was about how they decide about engaging others and then make their intensions clear. In that conversation I shared four options for effective shared decision making.
Build Adaptive Capacity
What is Imposter Syndrome? The popular term imposter syndrome describes the “pervasive feeling of self-doubt, insecurity, or fraudulence despite often overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” Anyone can feel this way, and many people do.
October 4, 2018 You are encouraged to innovate, yet you are held to high standards. You are asked to stretch the boundaries, but then get second-guessed when you do. Goals about innovation are often outweighed by the culture of the organization. On the one side, you invite risk; on the other you avoid it. How can you resolve this conundrum that creates dissonance at all scales of your life? HSD helps you balance rules and expectations with innovation to create workplaces and communities of the future.
Collaborate to Create Community
I have been distracted this week by the events in Washington, to say nothing about what is happening in London, on the Texas border, in Indonesia and North Carolina, and everywhere in between. These events challenge a set of fundamental beliefs I hold. I learned them from my parents, read them in classics of Western philosophy, observed them in communities of my youth, and vote to uphold them whenever the polls are open. The principles seem a bit naïve today, but they form the core of my relationship with personal, social, and political reality. I will be more specific.
September 20, 2018 Join us as HSD Professionals Sara and Dominic Swords, Bernadette Christiansen, and Mark Jefferey share their HSD stories about how they use HSD principles, models, and methods to change their worlds every day.
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