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Adaptive Action is the simple, iterative, inquiry process at the center of human systems dynamics.
In times of massive uncertainty, rigid rules of belief and behavior begin to break down. As they do, what emerges to take their place to guide ethical action?
PhilanthropyManage Strategic Change
For 30 years a philanthropic intermediary had created and sustained a system for affordable housing in the metropolitan area around St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
GovernmentCollaborate to Create Community
Across the US, many groups work to end child abuse and neglect. Each group has its own funding source, theory of change, and history of relationships, successes, and failures.
Health CarePlan in Uncertainty
We need a strategic plan, she launched into an explanation about stakeholders who disagreed on mission, clients who were dissatisfied, dysfunctional teams, and exhausted and over-stretched middle management. It happened that hers was a multi-function health care organization, including insurance for low-income families, an urban hospital, clinics, and prevention services.
PhilanthropyManage Strategic Change
In 1998, Thomas Berkas and Glenda Eoyang were working with the Search Institute evaluating community-based programs for youth development. We knew that both communities and youth were too complex to be captured by traditional evaluation methods. We also knew that the emerging field of complexity science might hold a key to a more effective and responsive monitoring and evaluation system.
Business & IndustryLead in Complexity
Computer simulation models are great tools to see patterns and possibilities in complex systems. Current modeling approaches fall short of reality, because they make assumptions that limit the uncertainty that is the hallmark of human systems at all scales.
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