Radical Inquiry

Radical Inquiry is a process of reflection and exploration that helps you build system-wide clarity and coherence. As you become clearer about the patterns you want, you find ways to engage with others and your environment to set conditions to influence the emergence of those patterns. It's a process of looking deeply into the roots of a system to identify actions that can bring you to best fit.


Radical Inquiry uses Pattern Logic to help you:

  • Understand the patterns you want
  • Identify key conditions that can shape those patterns
  • Develop a short list of Simple Rules that can inform decision and action toward those patterns

So What?

Using Radical Inquiry brings a clarity of focus and an intentionality of language to help you align action and decision toward the patterns you see as best fit for you. Whether you complete the Radical Inquiry as a personal growth activity or you work with a group to design a shared Radical Inquiry, you agree on the patterns you want, create awareness about those critical patterns, agree on conditions that can shape those patterns, and commit to taking action that will set those conditions in your day-to-day actions. Radical Inquiry is a way of taking individual and/or group responsibility for performance and productivity.

Now What?

Use the Radical Inquiry in your next sticky issue to:

  • Declare publicly the patterns you want to live out.
  • Identify the conditions that have the greatest chances of shaping those patterns.
  • Create and follow a short list of simple rules that will shape those conditions in your life

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