More than a tagline...

Learn from the past. Take action in the present. 
Create the future.

This is a tagline we sometimes use in our documents and materials. As I think about sharing our new book, Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization , it seems critical that we continue to use this quick, accurate description of what we offer in our relationships--both long term and newly developing; both professional and personal.

Adaptive action is all about learning from the past. When we ask What? we collect data and information about what we see, what we experience, and what we know. We name the patterns that were shaped by decisions and actions in the past. Asking, So what? then helps us make meaning of our current situation, using past knowledge, new insights, current connections to understand the patterns that create our lives. We explore the dynamics of those patterns to formulate possible options for action. As we take action in the present, we ask, Now what? observing our emergent future as it is shaped by the actions we take.

Based on what we see and know from the past, we take action to influence dynamics of the patterns that will shape our future. That is the essence of a life lived in Adaptive Action.


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