Generative Vision and Simple Rules: Local Freedom and System Coherence

February 2, 2024

In turbulent and unpredictable situations, alignment is not enough. Individuals need to be free to respond to local intelligence and immediate context. They also need to contribute to the coherent, systemic patterns of culture and productivity. How can communities and organizations offer the greatest individual freedom and maximum coherence? Two principles of Pattern Logic generate coherent sense-making and action-taking for individuals and groups: Generative Vision and Simple Rules. A Generative Vision captures the “what” of an aspirational future, but it also supports local, immediate action to create that future. The HSD vision is an example of such a Generative Vision. Simple Rules, on the other hand, provide the “how” of an emerging future. This workshop explores the theory and practice of these principles across all complex natural and human systems. It presents the power and possibility of the HSD Generative Vision and Simple Rules for our community. Finally, it introduces a year-long exploration into the foundations of HSD and the people and institutions who practice it.

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