Design When You Can't Decide: Find What's True and Useful

September 7, 2017

How do you make decisions when your world is changing with the speed of social media, and you are inundated with a world of answers, choices, and other people’s opinions? What do you do when all the “off the shelf” answers are ok, but none of them is really what you are looking for? Do you settle for “just ok?” Do you go ahead and purchase the product and then spend untold resources making it fit your needs? In HSD we help you use Adaptive Action to design responses and interventions that fit the unique nature of your work and your business. We give you what it takes to look at challenges, weigh the options, based on what you see, and take action to move forward. Then you look around to see where that got you and to take the next step. We continue working, looking for what is true in our world and still useful to us, using that to continue to inform and fuel our work. Join us in this LVW to learn to Design When You Can’t Decide.

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