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In  a system-wide training course in a national health care organization, one of the HSD Adaptive Action Labs includes HSD-based coaching sessions with individual participants between residential sessions that periodically brought them together for in-person learning.

In those coaching calls participants focused on their own sticky issues. Sometimes the issues were personal; others were team or institutional challenges. Each person brought challenges to the coaching sessions, but more important than that, each caller brought habits of thought and action relative to HSD and relative to their own sticky issue. In dialogue, the participants found themselves challenged and inspired to discover new ways to see, understand, and influence the challenges that had them stuck. And they learned that building adaptive capacity is a life-long effort. No one ever perfects it, and everyone can improve from where they are. HSD helps make that journey possibleand exciting.

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In this week's sticky issue, the question is about change and how we can make change happen in organizations. The question was asked: Things like outcome evaluation, high stakes testing, and change by fiat imply that if you tighten the screws enough, people will change. That reveals lots of false (and often insulting) assumptions. How can we introduce a more effective way to think about and act to support change?
Usually I groan when yet another sports analogy is used to explain an insight about complex human systems. Don’t get me wrong. I love sports and spent the better part of my teenage years in a gym playing basketball. My dad was a football coach, and I love the game.
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