Leadership as Fit: A Tool to Assess Leadership Capacity

In organizations of all sizes, leaders are being challenged by the complexity that swirls around them.They are called to navigate multiple, interdependent forces that influence their organizations. They deal with diversity of thought, culture, ability, engagement far beyond what has been present in the past. And they work in environments where history is critically important and calls them to honor tradition and learn from the past. At the same time, they work in complex systems where there is no direct cause/effect relationship that points to a quick fix.

In such a landscape, how can leaders know what they need to know and do what they need to do? How do they even thing about their work in ways that can inform wise action? In this assessment, Eoyang and Olson offer a self-assessment for reflection and dialogue that helps pinpoint critical skills, abilities, and perspectives for working in todays complex workplace.

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The Landscape Diagram demonstrates the impact of constraints on a system. It gives you a “map” or picture of how those constraints influence patterns of stability, activity, and decision making across the whole system.
Interdependent Pairs is a model and method that allows individuals and groups to explore the paradoxes that emerge from the complexity in their systems. In a complex system, there is very little that is all or nothing. The challenges that have you stuck are the ones where there is no clear one-way consideration. The stickiness of your issues comes because you move on shifting landscapes between the extreme positions on the questions you face.
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