It’s Been a Year!

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.”
                                           ~Maya Angelou, poet, memoirist, actress

It’s hard to believe that 2024 is just over a week away. 2023 has, as they say, been a year in the HSD Institute!

  • Most locally, the announcement that Glenda and I will be retiring (sort of) at the end of 2024 has triggered discussion and team collaboration and creative learning in the network. It has been exciting and interesting to watch, with gratitude, the ways folks have jumped in to participate in considering the next growth phase of HSD! And that work continues!
  • Over 40 individuals agreed to be interviewed to share what they see and need as they move HSD forward into the unknown future.
  • The daily Inquiry sessions were discontinued as we celebrated the 900th session. Thanks to those who helped to keep that exploration running throughout its 3+ years of questioning and learning. So many talented and generous folks stepped in to host over the years! And thanks to the people who joined us regularly and not, frequently and not, and to get help and to give it.
  • People from around the globe joined us for learning and discussion in 10 LVWs and 6 Adaptive Action Labs. We offered three HSD Professional Certification courses—2 were virtual and 1 offered a face-to-face Patterns and Possibilities session in partnership with Roffey Park, in the UK.
  • Tamela Handie hosted 20 podcasts, interviewing Associates from around the world. Thanks, also to those who sat with Tamela to share their insights and learning in such powerful and meaningful ways.
  • There were 2 Community Convenings, where Associates engaged with each other about their challenges and conundrums, as well as their insights and innovations. Thanks to those who planned for and hosted those sessions and are planning more for 2024!
  • HSD has been explored in multiple sectors this year, as we continued to learn about work that is being done around the globe to address the world’s most intractable challenges in
    • healthcare
    • sustainability
    • education
    • economies
    • peace and wellbeing
    • activism and social change
    • governing
    • equity and diversity
  • The HSD Institute Board has provided leadership as we all step together into the unknown and interesting possibilities of 2024 and beyond.
  • And always, you were there. By your support, your interest, your feedback and encouragement, your questions and your insights you have contributed to the work of the HSD Institute. But most importantly, you have used principles, ideas, and models and methods in your space to ensure you and others thrive because you “see patterns clearly, seek to understand, and act with courage to transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility for all!”

Glenda and I want to thank Barbara, our excellent Executive Assistant, for her support and work through the year. And with her, as a team we want to express our appreciation for each of you and for what you have done to make this year possible. Please join us as we step together into a new year of learning, growth, and complex change in 2024!

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