Innovation and Replication: You Choose

Reliability used to be the major measure of success, so we learned to replicate and increase quality by reducing variation. People and processes were rewarded for doing the same thing the same way, just faster. That strength has turned into a dangerous weakness for organizations today.

Innovation is the key to success today. Seeing new opportunities and responding with creative solutions is the way to get ahead as an individual and as a firm. Do you and your team understand the difference between replication and innovation? Do you consider your options and choose wisely? Do you know your capacity to do quality work and to adapt and adjust when you need to?

This guide will support your Adaptive Action as you build your individual and collective capacity. You will use it to see:

  • What are your current habits and how are they working for you and your organization?
  • So what options for action shift you toward more replication when fitness requires reliability, and what options for action shift you toward more innovation when fitness calls you to create new opportunity?
  • Now what will you do to increase your adaptive capacity today and into the future?

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