Influencing Patterns for Change: An HSD Primer for Leaders

This HSD Primer provides change leaders with a clear understanding of how to use Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic to bring about system-wide change in today's rapidly shifting landscape. Change leaders need a solid foundation from which to guide their organizations toward greater adaptability.

Based on HSD and metaphors from complexity science, this book offers key building blocks to establish that foundation from which change leaders can increase the adaptive capacity of their organizations. Each chapter takes complex ideas and uses simple language to describe the five building blocks required to help change leaders see the patterns in their systems, understand the dynamics at play, and intervene to move toward sustainability. Change leaders can read this book now and begin action within hours.

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This representation of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) offers you a way to think about how patterns emerge from the complex interdependencies around you. Use it to inform understanding and action as you work to influence dominant patterns in your system.
Simple Rules are the agreed-upon guides that inform behavior and interactions among members of a Complex Adaptive System. Whether by conscious agreement or by unspoken assent, members of a CAS appear to engage with each other according to a short list of simple rules. Those Simple Rules shape the conditions that characterize the dominant patterns of the system.
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