I Can't See The Future...Help?

How can I/we be adept in a volatile/uncertain/complex/ambiguous world? 

I was delighted to meet Diana Larsen last year, and have kept up with her on twitter and her work with Sharon Buckmaster since then. In this engaging and broad-ranging podcast, Diana and Sharon give a different yet complementary description to many of the models and tools we have been sharing here, and that are explored in depth in our Adaptive Action book. Their dialogue provides solid grounding for these human systems dynamics models that help you navigate through the chaos that arise in today's complex problems:

  • three types of change (static, dynamic, dynamical),
  • three conditions that help you see and influence patterns (containers, differences, and exchanges), 
  • adaptive action (what, so what, now what)

Check out their Our Changing Views of Change podcast and explore the other episodes as well!

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