HSD Gathering 2024

Gathered, shared, inspired. Ready to act. Read about the HSD Gathering 2024, and plan for 2025!

Each of us has a unique story to share about the HSD Gathering 2024. You’ll find many on the #HSD thread on LinkedIn and Facebook. Ask anyone who was there, and you’ll hear how we zoomed in and out to stand in inquiry and find the energy in difference. We shared stories and impacts, explored what was both true and useful, and spent a good bit of time Celebrating Life!

Deep appreciation goes to:

  • Wendy, who guided our journey.
  • Sandy, who led us in dance and song.
  • Harry, who held us together with joy.
  • Tim, who captured us and our stories in images.
  • Barb C, who brought us together with transforming feedback loops.
  • Kate, who kept us fed and housed.
  • Barb T, who herded the squirrels and us, too.
  • Miriam, who brought us all together with stories.
  • Cathy, who hosted our media.
  • John, who shared Theo, and to Theo, who shared John.
  • Rich Ann, who is preparing to tell the story.
  • Malini, who collected and curated our stories.
  • Tina, who continues to spark the learning conversation.
  • Stephen, who was our grocery guy.
  • Marie, who made the home a home.
  • The staffs of Winchester Presbyterian Church and Classic Catering who served us so well. 

It really took a village to raise this Gathering! This was the emerging, fractal reality of the future of the HSD community. 

We made many commitments to individual and collective action. The final one was to come together again for HSD Gathering 2025, same time next year. Please plan to join us in this and all the exciting Adaptive Actions that give life to our whole, parts, and great wholes.

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