GIVE Thanks! An Invitation for Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving week in the US. The holiday has many histories. For most it is a time of family connection, for others is it an extraordinary shopping opportunity or a colonial assault. This year, Thanksgiving is special to us. Fires, storms, hunger, racial violence, political upheaval, illness, homelessness, and grief wrap the world in a blanket of mourning. Still, many of us have health and home. Healthy babies were born (Welcome to the world, John David!). Some of us even got a stock market bonus this week. One gift of 2020 is that it has helped us see the raging inequities in our society. So, for those of us who are able, I invite us into a thanksGIVING this weekend.

  • Do you know a family who suffers with COVID illness or grief?
  • Are your neighbors hungry?
  • Is there a healthcare worker or a teacher in your circle of friends?
  • What is your favorite charity or local faith community asking of you?
  • Who in your circle is alone and lonely today?

I challenge myself and you to find a way to contribute. Make a difference to one person. Raise the hopes of one family. Do it, then come home and give thanks for the health and hope you enjoy.

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