Generation Flux

Economic and political changes from outside put stress on institutions, but the real force for change may come from within. While Baby Boomers complain about the speed and direction of change, Millennials push the edges of possibility. This new generation, this Gen Flux, brings the pain of disruption and the gift of innovation to businesses of all kinds.

Successful organizations of the future will harvest this energy for productive growth and change. Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic provide a pathway to see, understand, and influence the energy of Gen Flux. Productivity, success, and sustainability will be the patterns that result.

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It is easy to lose hope in chaos, but Adaptive Action helps you find the energy to keep moving.
How do you know when you do a good job? Customers are satisfied. You complete on time. The cost is within budget. You meet stated requirements or specifications. You feel proud and satisfied. You get more work of the same kind or better from the same clients or their referrals.
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