Ethics in HSD: Guide to Action

In times of massive uncertainty, rigid rules of belief and behavior begin to break down. As they do, what emerges to take their place to guide ethical action?

One of the HSD Simple Rules is Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole. For us, this is the key to ethics in the complex, uncertain, and dynamical landscape today, whether that landscape is at home, in the community, or in the workplace.

In this guide, Holladay lays out an inquiry process to support you and your team as you consider the ethical implications of your decisions and actions. What is the risk and benefit to the whole? To the part? To the greater whole? How do you integrate questions of the greater good in a world you do not predict or control? How do you use these ideas to shift expectations at home? In your larger community? In your workplace?

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Systems experience different types of change, and each requires its own approaches for support and leadership. The Three Kinds of Change model and method offers a description of the three ways systems experience change. It helps you understand the type of change you experience so that you can plot the best fit system-wide response.
When someone asks me for a one-sentence description of what I do, I generally say I help people and organizations deal with the challenges of complex and rapid change. And that is what our models and methods do. They help you see, understand, and influence patterns of decision making and interaction, so that you can take informed action to respond in your changing world.
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