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As you reflect on where we are in the world with diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, what is one thing you’re curious about?
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On January 24 and 26 Sam Grant and Tamela Handie will host a wonderful reflective Adaptive Action Lab, Celebrating Curious and Diverse Communities: Transcending Racism and “Othering”.

We all have experiences of othering and/or being othered. When we weave our narratives about those experiences, they become resources for learning and a fuller, more resilient life. When we share the narratives and listen generously to others’ stories, we multiply our learning and contribute to the curious, creative communities that sustain us in turbulent times.

Reflect on the opening question, bring your story, and come ready to hear how others transcend racism and othering. 

Celebrating Curious and Diverse Communities: Transcending Racism and “Othering"

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