Complexity and the Desperate Ones

ComplexityAdaptive Action supports the work of individuals and teams, but it also informs strategic action for business, industry, and government.  Brenda Fake leads a team of HSD Associates who provide organizational services through Human Systems Dynamics Consulting.  She likes to say that her favorite clients are the “desperate ones.” Adaptive Action opens options for action when nothing else seems to work. 

We’ve worked with colleagues in Helsinki to develop  REAL Systems Change , a customized intranet application that helps an organization talk to itself about ideas and actions that really matter.  Across cultural, organizational, and geographical boundaries, individuals and groups share perceptions and hopes as they consider:  What challenges or motivates them?  So what coordinated action is possible? Now what results can they expect over time?

In times of rapid change and massive interdependency it is sometimes hard to know where to start.  A simple,  Adaptive Action Assessment  process helps us help clients discover patterns in their chaos and leverage uncertainty in their organizations.  What are the patterns that lock us into the past?  So what opportunities are emerging from our environment?  Now what can we do to turn opportunity into reality?

When a team is stuck, it needs more than just focus to find the path to success.  Members need models, methods, and expert facilitation to find elegant and powerful pathways out of a messy problem.   Adaptive Action Laboratories  bring teams together to collaborate on their most sticky issues.  What constraints lock us into our current performance?  So what might unlock us and move us forward?  Now what will we do to get ourselves unstuck and create the future together?

Brenda and her team use Adaptive Action to build adaptive capacity and improve performance for individuals, teams, and organizations.  What are you desperate about? What is your most sticky issue?  How can Adaptive Action help you?

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