Characteristics of Coherence: Dynamics of High Performance

Successful collaborations are coherent. They share foundations while they celebrate autonomy. This tension of individual and shared identity can be challenging to balance. It is easy to advise groups to focus on common ground, think about sustainability, consider collective impact. But, anyone who has tried it can tell you these are not easy things to do.

In this guide, Holladay lays out a framework to support Adaptive Action toward coherence. Whether you are working in a team, across organizational silos, or in community coalitions, you will find value in this simple, powerful approach.

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According to, “collaborate” means to work together or cooperate to accomplish a task. But what does it really take for a group of unique individuals to come together to create a true collaboration? The definition tells us what to do, but the question people often ask is how to do that.
Planning is a challenge even in the best of times. But it is a necessary challenge.  A plan helps you align imagination with resources, expectations with realities, and individual concerns with collective good.
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