Celebrating Curious and Diverse Communities

In today’s blog post, Glenda Eoyang shares an experience of personal transformation about seeing the unique miracle that is each person she meets and connecting with that person in humility and sensitive inquiry. She continues to live into that transformation learning more about her own ways of connecting. Now, she invites you to learn from two of the people who helped to set conditions for these new emerging patterns.

Almost a year ago, the HSD community hosted a global gathering online to explore Reciprocity, Resilience, and Reverence.  I am truly grateful to the design team for all the work they did (and fun they had) creating the space for such a heart-warming, mind-changing, paradigm-shifting action-inspiring, relationship-nurturing experience! Ida Rose, Mila, Sam, Tamela, Antonia and Jo, I am thinking of you! 

I learned many things in those Open Space circles. More than once, I was lifted up into a conversation and a consciousness that transformed how I see the world, my fellow beings, and myself.

One idea that continues to haunt me is about edges. Rather than thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion as containers of identity, physical traits, culture, and belonging, I was invited to see patterns in difference and to co-create exchanges to engage in shared exploration across a boundary. Whoever they may be, the person in front of me is a unique miracle of ongoing creation. If I can arrive with humility and sensitive inquiry, we might, together, emerge into an incubator of humanity for each, both, and all of us. This is a lesson that only began last January, and I hope it continues the rest of my life. 

If you wish to draw on the same generative engagement to see what it holds for you, please join us for the next Adaptive Action Lab. On January 24 and 26, Tamela Handie and Sam Grant will hold space for us to see, seek to understand, and take our next wise actions to transform patterns of racism and bias into possibility for all. I hope to see you there!

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