Be a STAR: A Tool to Assess and Improve Team Effectiveness

Teams have the potential to accomplish much more than any one individual. The start up of a team can be full of energy as team members sort out individual expectations and form a direction that is for the benefit of all. Over time, however, every team encounters challenges. These challenges can either help the team focus and work together, or they can threaten the working relationships that support the work of the team.

This Assessment and associated Handbook include tools and techniques to help teams recognize and resolve their issues, so they can work most productively together. It is based on the STAR Model, designed and developed by Brenda Zimmerman. The STAR defines four features of a team that allow it to work effectively toward common goals.

The Assessment provides a foundation for a team to reflect together about how to be a more generative and coherent group. The Handbook provides activities that any team can use to shift the patterns that influence their individual and group work.

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The STAR Diagram offers a way of seeing and understanding the conditions that shape a generative team. Whether you use it to plan for an effective team or to intervene when things go awry, the STAR diagram offers a way to see, understand, and influence the patterns in your teamat home, at work, or in your community.
September 26, 2013 In this presentation, Glenda Eoyang talks about collaboration and how HSD can support effective, generative collaboration. She explores ways to set conditions for collaboration that work wherever the team is.
I’ve been thinking about friendship a lot lately.  We lost Brenda Zimmerman from the community of complexity scholars. An old friend from college died in a terrible accident in December.  My best and oldest friend called last night to tempt me with a spring holiday in Bruges.
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