Adaptive Consulting: Stand in Inquiry to See, Understand, and Influence

July 25, 2019

As a consultant, you work with a variety of individuals, groups, and/or organizations. Each one is unique. What worked in one place may or may not be effective in another. You look for an approach you can rely on, only to find that your work calls for innovative responses at every turn.  

Standing in inquiry, HSD-based consultants use principles, models, and methods of HSD to help clients leverage uncertainty across their systems. It is a unique approach that shifts the consultant from the “expert with the answers” to the co-learner/teacher who stands alongside, using inquiry to guide the interactions.

In today’s Live Virtual Workshop, Glenda Eoyang, shares the HSD consulting process and approach. She will reveal how you engage others in their own iterative cycles of seeing, understanding influencing as they make sense of the complexity in their worlds.

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