Self-care is a walk in the woods

Self-care is a walk in the woods. It’s the brisk movement of my feet touching the soil and the soft wind caressing on my skin. It’s the sun on my face and the view from each vista I reach. It’s the feeling of enchantment with the natural world. It’s the conversations I have with you along the way. It is in the way we share and listen to each other, and in the encouragement we give as we walk the trail of life.


Self-care is a pattern. I set this pattern in many ways, from the individual to the collective spaces. Within each space, I set the pattern of self-care by noticing the things most meaningful to me, the essential elements of strength and resilience. I set this pattern, in each space, with each difference, allowing the energy to flow where it is most needed, knowing that each moment can both give and take energy from me.

Self-care is active. I’ve learned that at every moment I can set and re-set patterns with my every action. With or without the influence of others, I make choices each day. The more active and intentional I am about how I make these choices, the closer I get to the self-care patterns that work best in my life.

Self-care is a necessity. It is not a luxury in my life; it is a necessity that allows me to function at peak performance. Self-care allows us me care for others and to let others care for me when I need it most.  It is in noticing and actively choosing when each is needed and how to make it happen.

What is self-care for you? What patterns do you set each day?

I invite you into this continued conversation on January 23, 24, and 26th at the Adaptive Action Lab on self-care (online lab, 2-hours each session). In this lab we will look at patterns of self-care in our lives and create actions towards the ones that will not only help us survive stressors, but thrive in spite of them.

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