Tuesday, January 11 – Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Human systems dynamics (HSD) prepares you to thrive in an uncertain future. When you see, understand, and influence complex, wicked issues, nothing is intractable.


There is a global network of committed and curious individuals who use HSD to understand their world in new way and useful ways.

This HSD Professional certification course consists of five days of online learning with Glenda Eoyang, the founder of the field of human systems dynamics. In those days, learn about the foundations of HSD, applying them in your own most wicked issues. Then for the next 4 months, experience online learning opportunities that draw you into applying and exploring the basic principles. Through conversation, reading, and application, you will shape new patterns in your life.

HSD Professionals realize a number of benefits as they build these patterns in their lives.

So what?

So what are the benefits to you?

  • Learn to deal with the complexity inherent in life in the 21st century
  • Use learning time to focus on applying HSD in your sticky issues at work, in your community, and/or in your personal life
  • Access resources designed to build skill and knowledge to change how you
    • See the world and understand the social dynamics of the human systems where you live, work, and play
    • Engage with others in more open and generative ways, and address your most intractable challenges
    • Make decisions, using models and methods that allow you to embrace the complex nature of your world
    • Understand dynamics that create life patterns: conflict, collaboration, accountability, and trust
    • Engage in online, personalized meetings on the Zoom.us platform
    • Engage with others around the world in a virtual network of people who want to learn and apply human systems dynamics to their sticky issues
    • Skip long-distance, away-from-home travel, and engage online for five half-day sessions that launch three months of application and learning

So what are the elements of the course?

  • All-virtual course that engages you over a 3-month period to build your skill and understanding of HSD
  • Individual and group learning sessions that focus on the challenges participants bring to the program
  • Personal coaching and support from an experienced HSD Professional who has been through the training
  • Details about the Program:
    • Dates: January 11 - April 19, 2022
    • Requirements:
      • Orientation Meeting: January 11
      • Five half-day sessions: January 18, 20, 25, 27, February 1  | 11a - 4p CST
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      • Three scheduled group meetings each month
      • One individual coaching session each month
      • Documentation/Discussions in response to the learning units
      • Four Adaptive Action Experiments to work on your own sticky issues
      • Discussions and deep learning from Adaptive Action: Leveraging Complexity in Your Organization
      • Required learning activities that address the following areas: Lead in Complex Times, Plan in Complexity, Manage Complex Change, Build Adaptive Capacity, and Collaborate to Create Community

Now what?

Glenda Eoyang and Royce Holladay will serve as the faculty for this cohort. They look forward to welcoming you into this learning ecology!

Now what’s next for you?

For more information contact us at info@hsdinstitute.org or register by clicking on the button to the left.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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