As a consultant, you are expected to take an expert stance—find out what’s wrong, provide the solution, and then coach members of the team as they implement that solution. You are  expected to know all the interventions and to offer best answers to leaders who ask for your help. In today’s complex world, you need more. You know that each organization is unique. Each leader brings his or her own questions, challenges, and new ideas to the conversation. The complex nature of the questions your clients face today make it impossible for you to deliver on the promises that have been expected of you in the past.

Human systems dynamics (HSD) enables you to stand in inquiry with your clients as they build adaptive capacity. In this HSD Adaptive Action Lab, plan to support them, using HSD to leverage uncertainty and find the answers that fit best across their systems. Bring your most challenging consulting situation to apply your new learning. Leave with a plan for engaging with your client in an innovative and productive partnership.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Toine-Pascal van der Doelen, BSc, HSDP
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