You want to change across your organization or in a broader system. You know change is needed, but you hear resistance and concern about “reinventing the wheel” or wasting time exploring new ideas. You know there are programs, projects, and options in the marketplace that you could pull off the shelf. You also are aware that those packaged answers rarely bring sustainable systemic change. Your challenge is to find a way to disseminate coherent and sustainable change across the diversity of your organization or system.

Using human systems dynamics (HSD), you can recognize the complexity that makes parts of your system unique in their own times and places. No two parts of the system will respond in the same way to the messages and activities of change. In this HSD Adaptive Action Lab, bring your greatest dissemination challenge to apply new concepts of change in your complex system. Use Adaptive Action to understand how best to share expectations and experiences of change that work at multiple scales.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Laura Williams, MPA, HSDP
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