Everyone knows we are living in chaotic times. Politics, community, economy, technology, environment—all of our most important systems become more unpredictable every day. Some people know how to recognize and name the special features of complex systems. The problem is that those descriptions are often complicated and confusing. Even when you understand complexity, it isn’t easy to figure out what to do to thrive in the chaos.

This session introduces you to the theory and practice of human systems dynamics. You will learn to:

  • See when traditional solutions won’t work and why
  • Explain complexity with simple models and methods
  • Practice complexity-inspired tools to respond to your most wicked problems
  • Build relationships with a community of others who struggle to see, understand, and influence complex human systems
  • Begin a journey of inquiry and action that will expand your adaptive capacity long after the program is over

You will discover powerful, novel approaches for:

  • Planning in uncertainty
  • Harvesting insights and energy from conflict
  • Sustaining collaborative relationships inside your organization and beyond
  • Leading through chaos—regardless of where you stand in your organization
  • Sharing the remarkable “common” sense of your intuition with others
  • Finding hope, when you feel hemmed in and helpless
  • Guiding complex change for yourself, your team, organization, and community

You should attend this program if you:

  • Support complex change efforts from inside or outside an organization
  • Lead teams or organizations to succeed in complex environments
  • Experience the confusion and frustration of uncontrollable change
  • Deal with intractable issues in business, government, nonprofits

Simplify your own complexity. Bring your most wicked issues. Leave with innovative options for action and the adaptive capacity to tame wicked issues that are sure to emerge in your future.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
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