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WHAT is the challenge?

The world is in a time of uncertainty and turbulence.

In recent months, leaders in schools across the country have navigated unbelievable challenges. The challenges will continue as new and continuing changes increasingly impact schools. In the longer term, we all need to adapt to local, national, and global influences from the pandemic, social turbulence, economic changes, natural catastrophes, and more. These issues, along with concerns about educational performance, create particular challenges for you, as a school leader. At all levels of educational systems, you are challenged in many ways:

  • Schools, by nature, present complex challenges because of the human dynamics at play, making planning and implementation challenging in the best of times.
  • Leaders like you courageously strive to build school systems that are effective, responsive, and resilient.
  • Complex challenges—sometimes called “wicked Issues”— cannot be solved using standard problem solving.
  • You juggle many balls as you zoom in to increase individual and team performance and zoom out to focus on leadership, management, and influence.

SO WHAT is possible when you use HSD to thrive in turbulence and uncertainty?

You can build systems for responsive, resilient service and collaboration.

This academy is designed for you and your team. As you implement these practices and tools, you create more responsive, resilient practices and systems. This resilience increases as you build service and collaboration skills across your school. This summer Academy starts you on a path to enable those around you to build capacity in a changing world. In this lab you use HSD tools to work individually or with your team to address your own complex challenge or “wicked issue.” Leave with a plan for your next wise action as you:

  • See beyond the complexity to understand current patterns in new and useful ways
  • Find and implement practical improvements that build and sustain capacity to adapt to challenges
  • Use HSD-based models and tools to address five essential features of healthy and resilient service systems
  • Leverage the dynamics of collective interaction to build a culture of collaboration and service across your school or district.
  • Create systems that are 1) effective enough to serve your school and community, and 2) adaptable enough to respond to unique day-to-day challenges, adding value in each step
  • Use new tools to become the leader you know you can be as you move to your own next level of performance

NOW WHAT will you do?

Bring your team to join us in learning and growth. This academy provides:

  • Synchronous, engaging, and interactive learning experiences with time to work with your team to plan for your next wise action
  • Opportunity to benefit from challenges and insights from other educators
  • Two 1-hour private coaching sessions to create momentum to implement in your school what you learn from the academy
  • Access to resources, tools, and continuing conversation through an online platform

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, M.Ed., HSDP
Stephen Bosacker, M.Ed., HSDP, PMMC
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