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Personal and professional stress wear us down. Political and environmental disasters draw attention and resources from day-to-day activities. Crumbling infrastructures and out-of-control media chip away at our sense of stability and safety. In these challenging times, we need a big dose of resilience.

Through our lens of Adaptive Action, Inquiry, and Pattern Logic, we see resilience as a complex web of patterns. For an individual, the patterns are physical, social, emotional, spiritual, conceptual. For teams and businesses, the patterns may be performance, engagement, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Resilient communities thrive on social investment, familiarity, security, and generosity.

In this Adaptive Action Lab, you will learn a model of resilience. You will use it to assess and improve your own. You will also find ways to support others—individuals and groups—as they explore and expand their capacity for resilient decision making and action taking. You will:

  • Define “resilience” in a way that is both true and useful
  • Practice tools to help you see, understand, and shift patterns of resilience for yourself and others
  • Connect with a creative community that share your passion for hope and well-being

Come and rediscover the energy and possibility that comes from individual and collective resilience.

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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