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The face and function of facilitation have changed in today’s complex landscape. In the uncertain and ambiguous situations of the 21st century, teams, committees, and communities are asked to take creative action together. They have to respond to multiple forces that influence their work. They navigate differences from a variety of sources on multiple scales. They deal with issues, challenges and activities that are massively interdependent and unpredictable. As a facilitator, your job is to help them deal with challenges they face  when they deal with overwhelming urgency and doubt, low trust in high stakes settings, long-term tension and division in an unpredictable and uncertain futures.

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) offers skills and tools to facilitate collaboration, conversation, and connection at any level. When groups are polarized and stuck in intractable challenges, HSD can help you support them in creative, productive action. In this online Adaptive Action Lab, you will focus on your most difficult facilitations, to see patterns in group relationships and find possibility in those patterns. Using a short list of Simple Rules for facilitation, find powerful new ways to set conditions for groups to find their next wise choices—together. Bring your greatest challenges and leave with a plan of action.

  • Refresh your commitment to effective facilitation in complex situations
  • Explore the Simple Rules that shape facilitation in complex, unpredictable situations
  • Reflect on your past practice and prepare for the future
  • Take home simple models and methods to guide your engagement with groups

At the close of this session, you will value what has worked for you in the past and incorporate new skills and methods for your future facilitation practice.

This lab is one in a series of six. To register for the series, click here.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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