Online Course

The face and function of facilitation have changed in today’s complex landscape. In uncertain and ambiguous challenges, groups are asked to take creative action, even when they cannot predict or control what will happen. Their issues and challenges are unpredictable (at worst) and ambiguous (at best). Your job, as a facilitator, is to support people as they engage in exploration and decision making in these chaotic times.

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) offers tools for facilitation, collaboration, conversation, and connection at all levels of human interaction. When groups are stuck in intractable challenges, HSD sets the stage for creative, productive action. When groups feel overwhelmed by change and conflict, HSD supports agency and action for individuals and groups. Wherever people plan and implement complex change, HSD moves them forward together.

In this online Adaptive Action Lab, you will see patterns in group relationships and find possibility in those patterns. You will set conditions for groups to make sense and take action together. At the close of this session, you will assess your past practice and be prepared for the future.

  • Refresh your commitment to effective facilitation in complex situations
  • Explore the Simple Rules that shape facilitation in complex, unpredictable situations
  • Assess your past practice and expand into the future
  • Take home simple skills and ideas to help you design, engage, and evaluate your work with groups. 

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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