What are the challenges of leadership today?

Whether you hold a formal position of leadership or just want to support others along the way, you are a leader! Wherever you lead—home, community, or organisation, you feel the impact of the changes and challenges of the 21st Century. The world is moving quickly, and we are all overwhelmed by the day-to-day barrage of challenges we face. We see the people who work with us and who work for us, and they are struggling, just as we are.

As a leader, you want to help others find their ways. You want those around you to know the joy of contributing to the success of something beyond themselves. But it seems, many days, that the old tools and perspectives just don’t work in a world that never stops and changes continuously!

What you need is a new way to think about the challenges you and your family, friends, and colleagues face. Then, you need tools to help you all step into those challenges. Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) offers both. Consider the possibilities if you and others could:

  • Know how leadership has changed to meet the demands in today’s complex landscape.
  • Work on your most difficult challenges, knowing that “Nothing is Intractable.”
  • Learn to support others as they influence a world that cannot be controlled or predicted.
  • Leverage the energy of a diverse workforce to generate growth and change.

In this Adaptive Action Lab, you will:

  • Learn the basics about using HSD to lead others toward shared goals.
  • Meet other curious and adaptable learners.
  • Explore your leadership challenges, learning the three key roles today’s leaders must take on, and gaining the skills to play those roles.

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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