Do you work in the health professions? Are you stuck? Get unstuck. The International Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) joins with the HSD Institute to support educational and institutional leaders of future and current health professionals.

Use and understand practical models and methods that work in both sticky complex and simple situations. For example, introducing new patterns of teaching, assessing, and organizing a curriculum. The online Essential Skills in Action course engages you in four short adaptive action cycles that can move you forward in your everyday sticky issues.

Being both an educator and practitioner is be stressful and demanding. Participants’ attention to their own health in the workplace is a valued part of the course.

Four essential themes are interwoven during the course:

  • Leading at the edge of uncertainty: Recognize patterns and problems
  • Working better together: Be more effective with collaboration and conflict
  • Finding the fix that fits: Stay relevant even as things around you change
  • Making the good better: Improve your work continuously

The course is given by Stewart Mennin and Mary Nations. Live virtual webinars are presented at 13:00 hours GMT and again at 23:00 hours GMT to accommodate participants in different time zones. All webinars are recorded and available. Course participants average 5 hrs per week of reflection, writing and reading with individual and group feedback.

Faculty & Coaches

Stewart Mennin, PhD, HSDP
Mary Nations, MSt, MSOD, HSDP
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