You know that conflict is never simple. For you and for others in conflict, risks are high, and outcomes are unknown. You experience ripple effects across life at home, at work, or in the community. Patterns of conflict show up as tension wherever you try to deal with differences. In the most challenging cases, conflict causes you stress, broken relationships, and lost productivity. In today’s highly diverse world, you may even experience polarized conflict—a sense that those who hold strong differences stand at opposite ends of an issue, with no hope of resolution or change.

Human systems dynamics (HSD) helps you cope with your most complex conflicts. In this HSD Adaptive Action Lab, you will learn how 1) conflict is a pattern or a series of patterns; 2) history matters, but conflict resolution is forward focused; 3) conflict resolution calls for engagement across difference to address issues of identity and power. Build capacity to surface differences, resolve tensions, and create learning from conflict. Bring your most challenging conflict. Learn to use the very dynamics that shape those differences to move toward more generative and productive relationships.

Faculty & Coaches

Jennifer Jones-Patulli, MA, HSDP
Mary Nations, MSt, MSOD, HSDP
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