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Personal and professional stress wears us down. Political and environmental disasters dash our plans, drawing our attention and resources. Obsolete infrastructures chip away at our sense of stability and safety. Sensational media threaten to overwhelm. In these challenging times, we need resilience to respond and thrive in the complexity around us.

In HSD we see resilience as a complex web of patterns. The web is strengthened as individuals, communities, and organizations build adaptive capacity.

In this Adaptive Action Lab, you will learn a new way to think about resilience. You will explore a set of simple rules that can be used at all scales to establish patterns of resilience for individuals, groups, and organizations. You will:

  • Define “resilience” in a way that is both true and useful
  • Practice tools to help you see, understand, and shift particular patterns of resilience for yourself and others
  • Connect with a creative community that share your passion for hope and well-being

Faculty & Coaches

Enrico Teotti, HSDP
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