Online Course

Are you curious about human systems dynamics (HSD)? Do you want to see how this approach to complexity will help you organization thrive in a complex and challenging world? Join us to explore the foundations of HSD.

At work or at home, the competencies you need today are different from the competencies of the past. HSD offers skills and tools to build confidence to deal with unpredictable change in all areas of life.

Bring your own most wicked challenge to work on as you learn. Whether it’s a personal challenge or a work-related wicked issue, you will apply and practice HDS-based tools. Build your confidence to see patterns around you, to make sense of those patterns, and to act with courage to move forward in the face of complexity     .

  • Understand the nature of complex change
  • Practice using concepts and tools to prepare for what you cannot predict or control
  • Apply what you learn to prepare yourself and your organization for the future

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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