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We are very sorry to announce that this Adaptive Action Lab has been canceled. We just didn't have enough people enrolled to ensure an optimal learning experience. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. Our courses for 2024 will be posted soon. Please check back or watch our newsletter for opportunities in the New Year.

Racism and the act of “othering” is an “intentional or subconscious act of separating or distinguishing oneself as superior compared to those we believe to look, live, act, or think differently than ourselves.” It often shows up as judgments, assumptions, disagreements, and defensiveness. It leaves people feeling ignored, irrelevant, and invisible. 

The impacts of these wicked patterns affect almost every aspect of our lives and affect everyone. They tear at the fiber of individual, organization, community, and family relationships. You may be aware of the impact of racism and bias but feel overwhelmed by the challenge of transforming these patterns. You may also recognize that change is needed at all scales and across diverse settings, but you don’t know how to make a difference. You may even wonder if what you’re already doing is enough.

In this Adaptive Action Lab, we will blend curiosity with courage and celebration to transcend historic and systemic patterns of racism and “othering.” We will practice new and healthy patterns of Inquiry and Adaptive Action. We will use deep engagement to shift the turbulence of exclusion toward patterns of systemic equity, that welcome historically excluded voices and share power with all.

Use your own most challenging and frustrating experiences with racism and exclusion to:

  • See and understand racism as a pattern to be shifted, rather than a problem to be solved
  • Experience the power of shared identity as it influences all your interactions
  • Engage with others in creative, generative, and productive action

At the close of these sessions, you will be prepared to begin a new journey toward equity in your personal and professional life, your institution, and your community.

Faculty & Coaches

Antonia Apolinario Wilcoxon, EdD, HSDP
Tamela Handie, HSDP
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