Online Course

In simpler times, change came slowly, if at all. Consultants could build their careers on approaches learned in graduate school. They took successful solutions from one client to the next.

In the current unpredictable world, that no longer works. Today, consultants must be master learners and experts at inquiry. HSD-informed consultants bring adaptive capacity to help clients keep moving in the face of unpredictability.

At the close of this Lab, you will be an Adaptive Consultant. You will be prepared to guide and coach clients through their most complex challenges.

In this session, bring your most challenging issue to:

  • Learn how change affects you and your clients
  • Identify wise actions to shift patterns that emerge from that emerge from complex change
  • Learn four simple models to help your clients understand and cope with complex change
  • Talk to your clients about complexity so they are engaged and are compelled to learn more

Faculty & Coaches

Tamela Handie, HSDP
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