People everywhere thrive because we all
See patterns clearly,
Seek to understand, and
Act with courage to
Transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility for all.

In 2021, we will offer six Adaptive Action Labs. Each one focuses on a challenge of living and working in complexity. They all show how Adaptive Action, Inquiry, and Pattern Logic will help you tame your wicked issues and thrive in your unknowable future. If you engage in the whole, year-long series, you will:

  • Live in uncertainty (Feb)
  • Facilitate constructive dialogues (Apr)
  • Plan when you cannot predict or control (Jun)
  • Create and share your narrative (Aug)
  • Consult in complex environments (Oct)
  • Shift patterns of systemic racism (Dec)

Across the whole series, you will:

  • Learn from the HSD masters, Glenda Eoyang and Royce Holladay
  • Focus on the wicked issues you face today
  • See your challenges in new and insightful ways
  • Make sense of chaos and confusion
  • Choose options for action that transform your turbulence and uncertainty

The series is designed with you in mind.

  • Get one session free when you order the series
  • Collect recordings of the sessions to share and for your own future reference
  • Begin any time and receive recordings and access to one-on-one dialogue for earlier sessions in the program
  • Engage with the  global HSD community

Bring your team, receive a group discount, and build systemic capacity for complex change.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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